Land Melides

Very large plot on the hill tops, Melides

Maybe the last of its kind in our area

6 134 000 €
Ref. 2240

783220 m2
37000 m2
24 rooms

Large plots are extremely rare in our area around Melides. Even more on hill tops with incredible views.

Maybe this is the last, that's why farmers call it "the last of a kind". Historically, plot's sizes in Melides where very large, uo to 250ha, compared to present standards ( average today, 7ha).

With time, plots were divided between inheritors, and divided again and again.

This plot is the exception to the rule, hasn't changed in the last 75 years. Of course, it has it's "monte Alentejo" and the ruins of a prosperous past.

It's a hill, a whole hill, waiting for her new chapter to be re-invented.